Mexican Spice

Chillies Whole Dried

Chillies Whole Dried

The finest Dried Whole Chillies available, sourced from reliable quality growers. See Scoville Chart to guage your pain


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Ancho Chilli Whole

Sweet and Smoky one of the most used Chillies in Mexico

Low Heat 2500 SHU


- +
Cayenne Chili Dried

A Chilli with a bit of zip 50,000 SHU


Chipotle Morita Chilli Whole

This is Authentic Pecan Smoked Chipotle Morita Chilli from Mexico all good in the EU low heat but packs a great taste


- +
Guajillo Chili Dried

Tannic and Spicy in flavour, goes great with all vegetables and meat dishes

Makes a great sauce as well and usually found in Mexico in many forms and meals


- +
De Arbol Chilli Whole

A medium heat Chilli 


- +
Habanero Chilli Whole

These are Hot grown in Mexico and Caribbean 


- +
Mulato Whole Chilli

Deep flavour low heat


- +
Pasilla Chilli Whole

Sweet with low heat


- +
Naga Bhut Jolokia Whole Chilli

Tested and rated at 1m SHU – see our guide for how hot this is but trust me its hot

Comes with an infamous 10 minute burn which gives this chilli a longer than all chilli I have tried

Strong fruity flavour with over tones of pure heat

To get the best from chilli heat up and simmer for a few minutes to release the oils that make this a great hot chilli


- +
Pequin Whole Chilli

Hot and Zippy


- +